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Amazing that 2014 is coming to a close. Are you enjoying the season, taking time to reflect on its true meaning? Or are the only angels in your life right now the Victoria’s Secret Angels making headlines arriving in London for the annual runway show?

If you’re overwhelmed and fear you can’t provide all you and your family need (much less want!), you can find some relief here. Our newsletters bring you the latest in opportunities to bring more money into your life. That might be through real grants or other types of government or private assistance (more abundant than you may realize). It could also be ideas and resources for starting and growing your own business, or help finding a better place to live.

Whatever you need, we've probably covered it in a newsletter. For your convenience in this end of year edition we review our hottest topics of 2014. There is sure to be something for everyone — and the information is free!

Instead of a trip to the mall, take some time to read and see where you might get some money or other assistance. And have a happier holiday season.

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December Free Money Highlights

Top Ten Review of 2014 Hot Topics
  1. Free Money What else could be number one? We cover this topic all the time but the August 2014 Free Money Newsletter gets down to hard facts. We hear about it in all kinds of ads and stories but who can you trust? You’ve probably been disappointed when you’ve followed a lead and it turned out to be something you had to pay for or it wasn’t free money at all. We explain what’s real and what’s not. You can also find a story about our review of Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money book in our April 2014 Free Money Issue.
  2. There’s a Business Revolution Going On — and you can be a part of it. Our internet-powered high tech society makes it possible for almost anyone to start a business, even on less than $100. If you missed our November 2014 Free Money News check it out for leads on Small Business Ideas, Small Business Loans, and more.
  3. Minority Businesses Are Hot In addition to exciting trends in new businesses in general, minority-owned businesses are outpacing others in terms of their growth and success. Attention to that fact is creating even more opportunities for minority groups wanting to start new ventures. In October’s Free Money News you can discover more about these new trends. They include the services offered by the Minority Business Development Agency and targeted Black Business Resources.
  4. Student Debt Off the Charts: There is hardly a hotter topic in the education field today. Student debt has reached epic proportions. Far too many students graduate with major debt burdens (average $26,000) — and few opportunities to earn enough to pay it off. This topic is reviewed in September 2014 Free Money News along with a link to an article with great tips about grants to pay off student debt.
  5. Unclaimed Money Is Real - but watch out! It’s also known as Missing Money. What the heck is it, and could some of it really be yours? It could — and probably is! You can’t trust everyone — even sites like missing which is “government approved” but potentially misleading. Check out April 2014 Free Money News and its link to our important review of Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money Book. And don’t miss the questions we raise about
  6. Home Ownership May Be in Your Reach! Yes, there is help to be had for those trying to purchase a home — and even more opportunities for those doing so for the first time. Government and non-profits both get in the act here and they’re worth checking out. We sum it up in June 2014 Free Money News.
  7. Pell Grants These education grants for low-income students are a great example of real “free money”. You don’t have to compete for them and you don’t have to pay them back. You do have to be eligible (you can find out fast!) and apply. We tell you more in a highlight of the September 2014 Free Money News.
  8. High School Seniors: In the 2014 September issue also learn something new about Scholarships for High School Seniors. And if you are a senior — don’t think it’s time to sit back and relax now that your college applications are in. This is an ideal time to beat out the competition, get yourself some real free money scholarships, and avoid all that looming student debt.
  9. Grants for Housing: Finding and affording quality housing is a big issue for many. We put lots of great information together in one place in the June 2014 Free Money News. Find out what the options really are and where to find them — some of it is surprising!
  10. Taxes: Ouch, it’s that time again. Don’t wait until April to get your act together and take care of any taxes you may owe. Start now and you can beat the crowd to get Free Tax Help — which does exist and is widely available. We cover free tax help options in the April 2014 Free Money News.

We wish you Happy Holidays and an early Happy New Year!

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