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It’s April: crazy weather still abounds, taxes are almost due, and what is the burning question of the day? Apparently it’s Is Josh Elliott greedy? Josh Elliott is leaving Good Morning America for NBC Sports following failed contract negotiations. Many say he wanted $10 million a year and was “only” offered $5 million – so envy kicks in and folks cry “greed!” – at least according to one site’s poll which put the greedy verdict at about 70% vs 30% not greedy.

What do you think? If a different employer (other networks) will offer him $10 million or closer to it than ABC, doesn’t that make him “worth it” from a market perspective? What does your favorite athlete or movie star earn?

What about you? If there are grants, scholarships, unclaimed money or financial awards that could legally be yours, aren’t you worth it? We say yes, and we’re here to help you go after it: on this site and in this month’s topics and tips:

  • new information about grants for small business and where you could get one;
  • our review of the free money book by Kevin Trudeau (criminal or champion of the people?);
  • our latest article about some amazing grants available in New York; and
  • a warning about a new tax “phishing” scam and tips for getting free tax help!
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April Free Money Highlights

Small Business Grants

This is one of the most in-demand topics on our site. We have added another article to our existing business grant resources, appropriately titled Grants for Small Business.

Have you heard about SBIC’s? You’ll learn about them in this article — along with a warning to watch out for people who claim these are generous grants available to people like you – for a fee of course. (Well, if you already have revenue of over $10 million and a steady cash flow, maybe they’re for you….). Discover the facts here and find out where to get more information – and maybe even a business loan or grant.

Big Opportunity in the Big Apple

Did you know that the state of New York has a program that awards art-related grants – unrestricted! – of up to $7000 to individual artists? And they’ve given out over $27 million in such awards since 1985?

They also have grants in the Humanities as well as more common grants for Housing, Education, and Small Businesses (including special programs for women and minority-owned businesses). If you’re a resident (or plan to be), take a look at Grants In New York and discover some generous opportunities available in that state.

Free Money Book By Kevin Trudeau

Ok so he’s in jail (or on his way there). But he’s not in jail for this particular book. Some people swear by his books about getting rid of your debt, and on “free money”. Many others feel they’ve been swindled, and he is in jail for criminal contempt and for misleading people in his weight loss books. We believe most of the info in this book can be found for free on the internet (including on this site!) — but there are a few tidbits you might find worthwhile. Take a look at our review of his Free Money Book and decide for yourself.

It’s Tax Time

We have three important tips for you: first, an important warning: the IRS has announced that there is a new email “phishing scam” out there and someone is trying to steal your information or worse! If you receive an email that claims to be from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service, be careful! This is a legitimate service of the IRS but they do not make contact with you by using email, texting, or through any social media. This email will probably claim that your 2013 return has been “flagged for review” due to some processing error, and it will give you a link to supposedly get in touch with your advocate and resolve the matter. The site it takes you to will just be one that requests personal information from you. Do not click the link and do not give these people any of your information. They are not with the IRS.

Our second tax tip: If you did not fiile a tax return in 2010 and if you did have some income but didn’t think you needed to file, you could have a refund waiting for you! There is currently $700 million in such refunds going unclaimed, specifically for 2010 returns, and the deadline for filing and claiming it is fast approaching (April 15). Get it done!

And last but not least: do your return for 2013. We know it’s a hassle (a huge one)! But the good news is there is help available – and it’s free (this is not an April Fools Joke!). Take a look at our article Free Tax Help and go get some.

Have a great April and go earn what you’re worth!

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