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November: the month to be grateful. Regardless of your situation, there is always something to be grateful for. Focusing on them can lift your spirits and even improve your health.

Lots of people were surprised and grateful when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Computer, announced that he is proud to be gay. Though no surprise to some and irrelevant to Apple’s performance, it dominated business news. Cook did not come out publicly as an act of defiance, or to shock. Rather he says was motivated by Martin Luther King and a feeling of obligation to help gay people and other minorities. The fact that Cook is a prominent figure who is well liked and admired (not to mention rich!) has indeed helped many people.

Helping others is also critical to your ability to succeed in your own business! November Free Money News will show you how and get you closer to realizing that dream…

Sound exciting? We think so! Sound difficult? It takes work, but mostly it takes working smart. Discover more:

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November Free Money Highlights

Small Business Resources: Some great business resources are discussed below. We begin with the two newest but others are equally valuable. Even if you are a frequent visitor to this site you may have missed some of them. This summary will help you find what you’re looking for — and take advantage of the microbusiness revolution going on…

Small Business Ideas: This is our newest business guide and it’s one we’re excited about. If you really want to start your own business but haven’t nailed down an idea that’s right for you, this will help! There is a “microbusiness revolution” going on today and it’s very possible to get a profitable business going for less than $100. Work smart rather than working hard with the tips and tricks outlined here – and discover a great resource. It leads you step by step and documents lots of examples of people who have done a lot with a little. Small Business Ideas will get your creative juices flowing and could be just what you need to take action!

Small Business Loans Your business might not fall into the “microbusiness” category and you might need more than a little capital to get going. Finding financing can be a major challenge, especially after the banking crisis of 2007 and its aftermath. It’s tough but still possible to get a bank loan, but banks are not the only option. We’ve just published a new guide to finding the loan that’s right for you – maybe without dealing with a bank. Small Business Loans shows you how to increase your chances of getting a business bank loan, and points you to useful resources. Perhaps more importantly, it reviews options other than bank loans and provides the advantages and disadvantages of each. Check it out today!

Small Business Administration website review: The SBA tends to be more traditional about extensive business plans. They also lean toward banks as a primary source of funding. But they also provide a tremendous amount of information, training and support to entrepreneurs and business people. Their help does not cost anything and they have offices and business centers all across the country.

Black Business Resources: Minority-owned businesses are growing at a faster rate than others, and many want to encourage and enable this movement. Be sure to check out this article not only for inspiration but also for sources of funding.

Grants for Women-Owned Business: Though not a minority women are a segment of the population that is receiving well deserved attention in the business world. Many have had remarkable success in the business world, and you could be one of them. Take a look at this review of resources specially targeted to help women reach their goals.

Grants for Business: Though few and far between, there are some grants available for business. Unlike loans, they do not have to be repaid so it’s a possibility worth pursuing if you are starting a business or trying to grow and existing operation.

Grants for Small Business: This guide homes in on special grants for small businesses. In addition to state programs, there are also constantly changing offers being made by private companies to encourage the creation of new ventures.

Small Business Financing Opportunities: Similar to grants for small business, these programs may include contests and other promotions which provide financial support in a variety of ways.

Fund a Startup Business: This review goes beyond bank loans and reviews creative new ideas for funding a new business. Some of them may surprise you!

Crowdfunding News: You might be able to finance your business with donations from lots of people you don’t even know. If you have a good story and can tell it well (or get someone to help you do that) – this could be the answer to your search for money for your business!

Microfinancing in the United States: Already popular in developing countries, microfinancing is now a reality in the United States. It involves institutions that provide small loans to would-be entrepreneurs who have little if any financial experience, no credit rating and probably no relationship with a bank. Initial training and ongoing support are also provided.

Microfinancing Opportunities: If the microfinancing movement sounds like it could be right for you, check out this article to see specific resources and locations where you could find money and guidance for your business idea!

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