August 2019 Free Money News

Hello August - Goodbye Summer! Well, almost goodbye… now that the kids are back to school or will be soon. Before we know it the days will be getting shorter and fall will be upon us.

Unfortunately so will all the bills and expenses associated with going back to school. This is a big retail season and it can get stressful. But we can help with lots of news updates and tips for parents, students, business owners and those who want to be — especially those without a lot of cash or business expertise…

And that’s not all. There is actually some very good news for veterans, for people with disabilities, for students, and even for people with bills to pay. We highlight the best of all of those in our highlights below.

Enjoy August and the waning days of summer. Savor National S’mores Day on the 10th, celebrate a left-handed friend on International Left-Handers Day August 13, go see the new Lion King if you haven’t already. And don’t forget baseball - it’s getting exciting now as we approach the playoffs. They don’t start ’til October though so cheer your favorites on now!

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August Grants & Free Money Highlights

Grants for Business

Good news for those who want to start or grow their own business but who have few or no banking connections and not much business education or experience! A recent, well respected study on microfinancing has shown that this financing method, first started in developing countries, can be very effective in the United States! That means that regardless of your status you do have a chance to “make it.” Discover more see how to get started in our review and update to Microfinancing in the United States.

This possibility for funding your business is new and intriguing! Discover how you can get the attention of personal investors and venture capitalists even if you don’t have any connections in financial circles — and that includes you, women and minority entrepreneurs. See how you can grab this opportunity and maybe change your life in our latest update to Grants to Start t a Business.

Interested in starting your own business but you just haven’t nailed that really good idea? Spark your imagination with some tips and ideas that can help you find the one that is just right for you in Small Business Ideas.

Women — it might not be too late to get in on some free business education from the Small Business Administration. They’re running some online business course in a summer school just for you. Even though we’re into August you could have time left to participate — and find out other resources the SBA offers to help you reach your goals.

Grants for Home

Get Help Finding or Fixing Up Your Home

If you own your home and you have for a while you may be like millions of Americans: in need of some serious home repairs and improvements! Some people are trying you “age at home”, others simply don’t have the funds to make necessary repairs and changes.

Several of our articles focus on important areas related to improving your home, including Grants for Housing, Grants for Home Repair, Home Grants, Home Repair Loans, Home Repair Help and Home Improvement Grants. Also, if you never got around to checking out the HARP program to get some cash out of your home, take a look at our update about what has happened to the program — it actually has ended but there are new options available….go look at Help for HARP Eligibility right now!

Is your home, or a building you care very much about, very old and also significant in terms of its history or architecture or other aspects? You might be able to get a grant to help preserve it. See the latest in Grants for Historical Buildings.

Grants for School

Don’t miss our latest find regarding a unique scholarship opportunity. Remember, scholarships are basically “free money” because they don’t ever need to be paid back. And lots of people ignore them so competition isn’t always tough. Check out this new one in Scholarship Information. And don’t miss Scholarship Contests!

Have you completed - or at least started - filling out and filing your FAFSA application? Don’t wait! Check out the latest on the FAFSA, Pell Grants and how much they have increased, and an easy way to maximize your federal aid for school in our latest update to FAFSA!

Grants for Personal Needs

Grant for Disabilities

Are you missing the very helpful website ? So are we! It was a very helpful site with always up to date information about resources fo the disabled and their loved ones, right down to the local level. Sadly, it is gone. But there are still ways to get similar information. See the latest and find out about useful resources in Disability Grants and our review of

Be sure to check on the latest regarding Grants for Veterans! A major new bill makes it easier and less expensive to find the health care option that is right for you. And that includes private care you can get through the VA and additional options regarding urgent care.

Parents — if you didn’t see last month’s newsletter don’t miss this! There is a warning out about a child care network that is known and used nationally. If you use it to help find childcare for your family please be aware of the latest in Assistance for Child Care.

Did you know that if you are a victim of domestic violence you could be receiving unemployment benefits? It’s true! There are of course some conditions for eligibility but they might be easily met if you are in this situation. Please take a look at the details in Unemployment Benefits.

Have you ever done a search to see if you have unclaimed money being held by the state? There’s literally billions of dollars held by the states and some of it could possibly be yours. It’s pretty easy to do your own search but it definitely pays to know the ins and outs of doing. We cover those in Find Unclaimed Money and in a recent update to Find Unclaimed Money in California. Whether you live there or not there are important tips about claiming property and avoiding scams.

Looking for a way to increase your cash flow and get rid of debt from unpaid bills? There’s an interesting new approach available for getting help — check out the latest update in Grants to Pay Bills - you could be surprised (in a good way!).

Are you confused by the Grants Process? We do our best to make it clear and help you succeed in the Grants Process.

Looking for Grants for Research? See the latest regarding some (very) interesting opportunities in Grants for Research.

Curious to know who actually receives grants? You can find out in Federal Grants Recipient Categories.

Last but not least: Here’s a way to learn the most important things about grants: see the clear and concise Top Ten Things to Know About Grants.

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