Free Money News January 2014

Happy New Year! December flew by in a blur and we’re still trying to get back to our “normal” routine.

Are you feeling that way?

While we look forward to 2014 we know it’s easy to find oneself in debt and/or wary of the future when the new year begins. So our Top Ten Money Resources for 2014 has two main objectives to try and help you out:

  • to inspire a positive attitude and
  • to help you find resources to make 2014 a great year.

We love to learn from great and wise people, like Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. Our Einstein quote for the New Year: “Learn from yesterday, Live for today, and Hope for tomorrow.” Excellent words to help us remember that we can’t change where we’ve come from but it doesn’t help to fret about it.

Abraham Lincoln reminds us that our future is up to us: “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

Your future is in your hands – and we’re here to help. Below are our Top Ten Money Resources to make 2014 the best:

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Top Ten Money Resources for 2014

  1. Looking for money to build your business or start a new one? Business Financing Opportunities will point you in the right direction. From a review of the Small Business Administration to tips on new and creative sources of funds, there is something here for everyone!
  2. Continuing our business theme, you might be surprised to discover the extent of attention and support out there for various minority groups. Black Business Resources in particular details some promising business opportunities for African Americans.
  3. Need help paying for college or career school? You may have heard about Pell Grants but are uncertain if you qualify. Our Quick Pell Grant Eligibility Quiz will let you determine if you’re eligible in just a couple of minutes – and then show you how to apply for free.
  4. Longing to own your own home? It’s still the American Dream and one that may even be possible for you. Get the (free!) facts about what help is out there – and avoid falling for false claims about “free” help you actually have to pay for… Learn more in our discussion of grants to purchase a home.
  5. If you already have a house but it’s in need of serious repairs you might be eligible for some assistance. We help you identify and navigate reliable sources of aid in our article about grants for home repairs.
  6. Curious about who gives out those billions and billions of dollars awarded by the government in grants every year? Get the straight scoop in the article U.S. Government Grant Department.
  7. For details about available government grants that are tailored to your organization and its objectives, we offer a quick guide to the Federal Register. The Federal Register is a government site updated daily with new rules, projects and “funding opportunities” – better known as grants. If you are a qualifying organization this is the place to search for grants related to your activities. It can be overwhelming but we take you through it with clear instructions including screen shots of the site and how to use it.
  8. Did you know that it’s possible to go on your own personal treasure hunt for Unclaimed Money? It’s easier than you might think — and we lay it all out for you: what unclaimed money is, where it is, how to find out if any of it is in your name and how you can get it back. All this information is free – contrary to what others might tell you, you do not have to pay for anyone’s help to get what is rightfully yours.
  9. If you are in debt and need help, watch out for people whose main goal may be to separate you from whatever money you have left! Find the facts about how you might be able to get some money to pay off your bills in our article about grants to pay bills.
  10. Last but definitely not least: if you have missed any of our newsletters check out our quick summary of the topics covered in Free Money Highlights each month over the past two years.

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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