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Well April began with March Madness but quickly took on a character of its own! We survived tax season (you did get those taxes filed, right?) and now May begins with some frenzy of its own…

For fans of Prince this is a very sad time. A huge music talent. Music brought Prince joy and he gave it to the world; he was a friend and protector of other musicians. Sadly he was not as good at taking care of his own health.

NBA playoffs are in the news! Many expect the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will face off in the Finals. The Warriors’ Steph Curry is sometimes called the “new” LeBron James: a masterful basketball player but younger — without King James’ “high mileage.” LeBron doesn't like that…

Interesting that the Warriors share a couple key characteristics with Prince. As a team they live by three things: like Prince, compassion and joy; but also, fortunately — mindfulness, or taking care of one’s self. By supporting themselves and each other they can roll with the punches and achieve great things. Good life lessons to put to use along with our May Free Money Highlights:

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May Free Money Highlights Review

Did you know that there is a government website that tells you — or points you to — pretty much anything you might need or want to know? There is, and it is actually designed for the end user, making it pretty easy to navigate and find stuff. calls itself an online guide for government information and services. It covers things from who our elected officials are and how to get in touch with them to information about money and shopping. That includes some material about grants and loans and how government agencies help people start or manage their businesses. It is definitely a good source of information. You just need to remember that it is totally focused on information related to the U.S. Government. So you won’t find much if any information about lots of private or non-profit sources of assistance or financial help (like you do see on this Free Grants Community!).

Big May news: we have published a new review of . It summarizes the site’s primary categories of information and gives step-by-step directions for searching and quick ways to get to interesting information. For instance, they offer a whole website that is designed just for kids, with major sections like Learn Stuff, Play Games and Watch Videos. There are no ads and it’s designed to be safe and educational. There are also whole sections bout Travel & Immigration and about Jobs & Unemployment. Actually our favorite find was a section under Money & Shopping. It lets you find out what items are for sale by government agencies either for purchase or in auctions. They might be real estate or other items forfeited by criminals or seized by police or simply no longer of use to an agency. And there’s a quick way to get lottery results for any state’s most recent drawing… Who knew?!

Business Highlights

Crowdfunding: Have you tried it yet? It’s getting more and more popular, as you can learn about in our News update in Crowdfunding News. However, it’s also important to know how a successful campaign can actually backfire. Sound crazy? See an example and learn an important lesson in Small Business Grants for Women (the lesson is good for both sexes!).

Women & Minority-Owned Business Celebration: The Minority Business Development Agency celebrated the contributions of women of color in business at a special event. They noted that firms owned by women now make up about 38% of U.S. companies. Way to go women and thanks to the MBDA for its continuing support and encouragement!

Housing Highlights

Reverse Mortgages are getting more respect thanks to new protections and safeguards against people jumping in without knowing what they’re doing. Check out our update at Reverse Mortgage.

Homeownership Counseling Grants are available to non-profits that assist people who want to buy a home. Check them out in Grants for Housing.

Home Repairs: this is always a big topic and we have a couple of great updates to share. If you’re a veteran be sure to check out a special program that provides money to modify your home to accommodate service related disabilities. You’ll find it in Home Repair Help. More Home Repair info: always check out your local government for programs that assist with affording home repairs. Learn more about a good example and tips for finding such programs near you in Grants for Home Repair.

Mortgage Help: Learn about a special loan for Veterans that helps to reduce your mortgage interest rate in our guide to And for all homeowners: if you’re still afraid or procrastinating checking out the HARP program, now is the time. It’s an amazing deal and it’s around for just the rest of this year. Find out the real facts and benefits in Assistance with HARP Eligibility.

Help Buying a Home: Check out HUD’s Home Investment Partnership Program and how it could help you get into your own home. Discover more in Home Grants.

Losing your apartment?: If you’re getting squeezed out of your apartment because of changes in rent control find out how to find local programs that could help you in I Need Help.

Money for School Highlights

Pell Grants: Did you know that they’ve increased the maximum amount you can get in your Pell Grant? Get the news in Qualify for a Pell Grant.

High School Seniors: Don’t let Spring Fever cause you to miss great opportunities for scholarships. Find out about one that just requires you to read a great book and write an essay — and the due date isn’t until September! Get the scoop and more in Scholarships for High School Seniors.

You hafta FAFSA!: If you assume you won’t qualify for aid — regardless of your income — stop it! It’s so important to fill this out — and it only takes about 23 minutes. Give it a chance and give yourself a break — learn more in our review of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Other May Money Tips

Dental Care Some free clinics are coming up in several cities — learn more and find out how to find them near you in Free Dental Care.

Find Your Unclaimed Money: learn some great tips and secrets about how to find unclaimed money that is rightfully yours — without paying anyone! Seriously, you can do this. See Find Unclaimed Money.

Need Money for a Car?: We’ve added a new resource to help you solve that problem in Money For A Car.

Fake IRS Calls: Please don’t fall for these, they’re not legit!! The IRS does not operate this way, they will not call you and they have not filed a law suit against you. Please read about them in our update to Free Money Phone Call Scams.

What About Moneycroc?: Is it real — or is it a crock? Get our take in the latest update to Free Money.

Happy May. Go Warriors. RIP Prince.

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