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May Day: a day to celebrate spring, flowers and lovely weather. For most, just another day; for too many it's now filled with tornadoes, flooding and violence.

Sadly it’s also a day indicating Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose. She had wealth, beauty, fame, a husband and two children she adored. Yet she never recovered from her own mother’s death from a heroin overdose when Peaches was just 11, she chose to dull her pain with the same drug.

Think money, looks and fame are all it takes to be fulfilled? If so you may be disappointed. We all need money – and we work to help you find it! But we hope there’s more to your life. If you have depression or an addiction, seek help rather than self-medicating. Talk to your doctor, someone at your place of worship, a trusted friend. Or call 2-1-1. You’ll be better off than a lot of the folks you think “have it all.”

On a happier note – our May news below includes: a new article for residents of Florida about Florida State Grants; Upcoming National Small Business Week activities and a review of traditional and creative ways to get money for a business; and a new resource for Grants For Farms – a very special kind of business!

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May Free Money Highlights

Grants In The Sunshine State

Grants In Florida is the latest in our articles covering the many grant opportunities available in specific states. If you live in the Sunshine State this is the article for you! Some people think the federal government is the only place you can get grants or financial support, but states are also an excellent resource.

Florida has extensive programs in place to help with housing (home purchases as well as rentals). They also offer a long list of scholarships and other financial grants for paying for school. They support small business with special loan programs and have a specific focus on a Black Business Loan Program. And Florida doesn’t forget the arts, with awards for individual artists as well as financial support for those trying to preserve historic “sites and properties.” Don’t live in Florida? How about New York, California or Texas? Click any of those states for our reviews of opportunities there - and watch for more states to come!

National Small Business Week

This event is coming up May 12-16, 2014. Check out our review of the Small Business Administration website and then see what it’s got going on to promote this event. The SBA's free webinars and other resources throughout the country are one of the first places to look for help starting or growing a business. Another great resource: the many business-related articles we offer here at the Free Grants Community. Here’s a quick summary (in addition to our SBA review noted above):

Grants for Business: a big picture look at what’s available for business in the U.S. and where to find it;

Grants for Small Business: a more specific look at special programs and support aimed at small business;

Small Business Financing Opportunities: opportunities offered not just by the government but also by individual companies to help encourage and finance small business;

Fund a Startup Business: Tried traditional financing without success? Here are some creative ideas for funding your new business…

Black Business Resources: Targeted programs to encourage, inspire and provide financing for black-owned businesses;

Grants for Women Owned Business: Targeted programs to encourage, inspire and provide financing for women-owned businesses;

Crowdfunding News: an introduction to, and news about, this emerging funding method that is gaining traction and support from the federal government;

Microfinancing Opportunities: A new source of training, counseling and financing for small ventures and owners without access to traditional financing methods.

Are There Grants For Farms?

Yes! Farms are businesses too! Our new Grants For Farms is devoted specifically to starting, improving and/or growing your farm! It’s not for everyone but it’s a rewarding venture for those who love it - and who take the time to learn what it takes. It’s also important to know just what’s out there to support you: what it is and how to find it. We hope you’ll check this article out and wish you great success with your farm!

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