July 2019 Free Money News

Happy July — it’s officially summer! July starts off with a bang — literally, since this is a vacation week for many and the celebration of the 4th of July comes up in just three days! Of course that means not only fun and fireworks but also the annual drama of competitive eating and the match between Joey Chestnut and competitors Carmen Cincotti and Matt Stonie. You can watch it live (if you can stomach it!) on ESPN. It will also be re-aired several times later in the day.

According to some July is going to be a blockbuster for the release of some great new movies. Among the reportedly most awesome are The Lion King reboot from Disney July 19; Sspider Man: Far from Home on July 2, Midsommar July 3; and Stuber, The Farewell, and Crawl all on July 12.

Summer also means spending more time with your kids since they're out of school. Hopefully this is a good thing, but there are also challenges. Be sure to check out this issue’s highlights for some important tips about that! And there are plenty of sports out there to keep you occupied: Women’s World Cup soccer July 1 and, plenty of action in NBA Free Agency activities, and baseball continues!

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July Grants & Free Money Highlights

Grants for Business

We have some great business updates this month — the economy is still humming and it’s an excellent business environment. But that doesn’t make everything easy. Here are some recent news items regarding business funding opportunities:

There’s lots of activity when it comes to Small Business Loans. One exciting new lender offers loans of up to $500k, an application that takes two minutes to fill out, and you get your funding within an hour - that’s fast! Check out details in Small Business Loans.

Could the Small Business Administration be going away? How about the Minority Business Development Agency? We hope not, as both do great work. But there is talk among some candidates that they might want to streamline various groups after the 2020 elections.. However, since all are pro-support for minority businesses and entrepreneurship we hope any changes will just result in more opportunities. In the meantime, stay current on the latest services and free resources from the Minority Business Development Agency and the Small Business Administration.

Did you think that micro-financing is only available in developing countries? Not so! There are lots of great opportunities in the U.S. And the Small Business Administration is even all for it! They can help you find these opportunities and the best banks for your needs. Those they recommend are backed by the SBA so you get the best loan rate available. Discover the latest in Microfinancing Opportunities.

Grants for Churches

Though not technically businesses, churches do need funding and we are on the lookout for useful grants for all organizations. Check out the news in Grants for Churches to see if yours might qualify for some impressive grants — up to $450,000 for a particular denomination!

Grants for Home

Home Repair Help

Who doesn’t need some repair help these days? So many people are understandably determined to “age at home” while repair needs increase and income decreases! Get the latest on a couple of resources you may not have tried for financial assistance — see Home Repair Help.

Get some tips from the Wall Street Journal about funding your home repairs. And see an important warning in the recently updated Home Improvement Grants. Also see an important warning about an organization that sounds just too good to be true …. and just might be. It’s called the National Residential Improvement Association and they are very misleading. You may see an ad or even get a postcard …. see our important update in Grants for Home Repair!

IMPORTANT:f you’re finally ready to apply to the HARP program, you’re too late. They have actually ended the program. It’s not too late to find some help getting cash out of your home however. See our latest news in Assistance for Harp Eligibility to find out more about new programs being offered by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to replace HARP. Do it now!

Home Repair Loans While grants are great they are not the only game in town. And if you’ve shied away from banks because of bad past experiences, it may be time to give them another look. You may be surprised at what you find.Many are eager to get your business now and they’ve improved their customer service. We provide more info and some specific recommendations in our update to Home Repair Loans.

Grants for School

Students, we have some important updates: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is open for submission now! Applications are being accepted and it’s so important to get yours in as early as possible. Plus there’s good news about Pell Grants for the 2019-2020 academic year. Check it out now in FAFSA.

Grants for Teachers Yes, there are some — and the source may surprise you! Find out how to get the attention of people who greatly admire teachers and want to support them. See the news in Grants for Teachers. Now is just the right time since people will soon be focusing on” back to school” topics.

Students! Are you buried in debt, or afraid you’re going to be by the time you get graduate college? Here’s a great new opportunity for getting some financial help and reducing your stress level! See the latest in Crowdfunding Opportunities and see how students have raised millions of dollars to pay off their debts….

Grants for Personal Needs

Find Grants is a great article to check out regularly and find new and useful topics! This month we have some good ones especially for back to school time

The Free Money Book may still be a temptation but really, take a moment to look t the facts gain. The author is still in jail and it’s not for nothing …

Veterans, did you think that va.gov was going away? We did!However, in spite of the fact that the new vets.gov is up and running va.gov is still available. If you’re happy with it you can still use it (not sure for how long). But particularly if you’d like better mobile access you’ll want to give vets.gov a try….

Free Government Money has a great June update about free and low-cost medical and dental care for your kids and how to get it — take a look now!

Assistance for Child Care: Unfortunately this is a warning rather than a new resource. A national child care network that many people depend for help finding childcare has apparently not been doing sufficient vetting of caregivers and there have been problems. Please take a look.

Find Unclaimed Money is a gem! You will be amazed at how much money, which rightfully belongs to citizens, is being held by and profiting the states. Find out which states have the most - and how you can find any that might be yours — in Find Unclaimed Money.

Personal Grants and Grants Onllne are both excellent articles which keep you informed of current and new topics and places to find and apply for grants.

Did you know that regardless of whether you have a home or not you are still entitled to receive you Social Security benefits. Don’t miss out because you’re embarrassed or just don’t know how to make it happen. Definitely go and check out our latest update to Social Security.

X-Offenders: Get some great tips on resources to help you find a job and/or a place to live in Grants for Felons.

Last but not least, if you’re into research check out new grants available from a foundation in the latest update to Grants for Research.

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