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Don't look now but the holidays are upon us! Check out the latest in our December 2018 newsletter for tips to enjoy the season, do more with less expense, get some great ideas and resources for funding or growing your own business, Discover a new scholarship for widows with children and an intriguing new grant for single moms, get some help with critical winter home repairs and more:


Bye bye Halloween, hello Thanksgiving! The November free Money News is loaded with info you can use to find an affordable rental, pay for needed home repairs or home improvements, get help paying for child care, make the most of your Black Friday shopping, find money to start or grow your business (especially for women and minorities), get special disability accommodations in college, find out if your school might lose its research funding, get benefits you might not know you're eligible for if you're a family member of caregiver of a veteran, find out what's happening with free money phone call scams (they're increasing!) and lots more. Get ready for the holidays!


Autumn! MLB Baseball winding down, NFL Football firing up, Halloween on the horizon and more. The October issue of Free Money News is a bountiful one! Tips regarding housing, especially for seniors, lots of business updates for help finding funding for new or growing businesses (with extra tips for women) opportunities for grants for kids, an amazing new scholarship and where to find it, how you cold make money watching videos (huh?!), even some tips about how to save on Halloween spending…

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Additional 2018 Newsletters


September Free Money News is a blockbuster! Loads of new information about getting money for school, starting or growing your business, new grants for things like travel, women entrepreneurs in the arts, fund grants for teachers and kids, a new strategy for buying a house without worries about a downpayment and so much more!


Check out August Free Money News for the latest on some exciting new programs to buy a house with no down payment, tips about how to pay off your student debt early, business opportunities for women, news about scholarships for high school seniors, land grants (yes, some do exist) and lots more….


Woohoo, 4th of July holiday coming up again! Have a great holiday and enjoy the latest Free Money Newsletter July 2018. Get some great tips about getting money to start or grow your business; news about scholarships and other help paying for school; discover some great housing deals whether it's help with your down payment or a zero down payment. Or find out who's willing to pay you to keep your current work-from-home-job but come live in their state…and get some great tips on making some extra money regardless of where you live.


They're at it again! The Cavs meet the Golden State Warriors in the 4th straight NBA Champions match-up. We salute the excellence of these two great teams! Happy watching … Lots more this month too: summer blockbuster movies to look forward to, lots of tips for young people to get summer jobs, finding assistance to pay for college, business opportunities, especially for minority entrepreneurs, help for moms looking for childcare help and for widows going it alone raising kids. Help with rent and with home repairs, finding unclaimed money and so much more!


Happy May Day and the start of a new month. May's Free Money News celebrates Moms and Veterans in particular and offers some great ideas for them and others to improve their lives with help from grants and other programs for business, school, housing and personal needs.


Spring has sprung and so has tax time! Go straight to our April Free Money Newsletter to find out how to get free help! And don't miss our newest article, especially if you live in New Mexico. Get news about what may be expected for Pell Grants this coming academic year, discover some business grants, get great tips if you're a female entrepreneur over 50, catch up on creative ways to get assistance for rent, learn how you might find home repair help close to home, and see what's new for single moms and for help with childcare for infants…


The March edition of Free Money News is loaded with great tips as we approach Spring, the Oscars, March Madness, and SO MANY resources for money for school, business (existing or new), housing and personal needs. Don't miss it – and good luck with your brackets!


February may be a short month but the February newsletter is packed with great news and information. Starts with a quick review of our newest article Free Money 2018 and goes on with up to date tips about Money for Business, for School, for Housing and for Personal Needs.


Happy New Year! Get ready to take advantage of a great year ahead (according to the economists!). We help with our Free Money Highlights about our new article Apply For A Grant, updates about a new mortgage that can drastically reduce your Down Payment, some fund Grants for Kids, news about the Federal Register (including some grants), finding free dental care (especially around holidays), and more!

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