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Big month coming up: Christmas, New Year's, and yes – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Whether you're filled with joy or feeling more financially strapped than ever, the December 2015 Free Money News has something to help. New information about assistance for childcare and more help for families with kids; a great opportunity for veterans; programs to help you get into a new house; how you can get a low cost computer and internet access; even a way you can get paid to be a caregiver for a family member. Check it out now and make your season bright!


Wow, the November Free Money News is packed! After a quick look at Cookie and Lucious on Empire, we review an all-star set of recent updates. They're on your favorite topics like business money, home and housing help, and money for school. And they could improve your life in this important month that's all about gratitude. Don't miss a thing, check it out!


October's newsletter features some big news about changes to the FAFSA and its impact on it and on Pell Grants; tips for finding help to get a car; news about government loans and more (who owns a Tesla?)

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Additional 2015 Newsletters


September's Free Money News will set you up for school with a new Pell Grant awards maximum, why you may be losing out on your Pell grant, and a program that helps connect top students with low incomes with top schools in the U.S. that want to give them scholarships. Also: an intriguing goat farm opportunity, money the IRS may be holding for you, and a new article about free money opportunities 2015. Oh and why War Room could be important to you…


August's newsletter is full of great news: new small business loan money available; a summary of and links to nine important articles about everything related to finding, renting, buying, keeping, repairing, improving getting cash out of your home, and last (and maybe least) an update on Ronda Rousey…


Happy Fourth of July! Our July Free Money Newsletter celebrates freedom in a big way and you can too. Check out news about Home Improvement Grants, Grants for Seniors, Grants for Veterans and even an exciting initiative that could let you start your new business in a day – yay!


Tear yourself away from sports on TV for awhile if you want to improve your living situation: buy a house, keep your house no matter how underwater you might be, or make needed repairs to your house – even if you think you can't afford them. We tackle these challenging situations and show you how to find help and get the money you need to turn things around in our June 2015 Free Money Newsletter!


Good news for Small Business is the focus of the May Free Money News! The Small Business Administration is living up to its promise and that's great news for your business – or your dream of owning one! We also cover some real grants for small business (and what you can learn from them), the (currently) most most favorable cities for black-owned businesses (you could be surprised), and more.


Stressed by the new health care plans? Confused about where you can find medical care even if you can't afford treatment, even with your coverage? The April Free Money Newsletter lays it all out — changes to healthcare.gov and a guide to the new site, tips and tricks to help you find free and low cost medical and dental care, and more!


Need help making good things happen in your life and/or your business? Though the government isn't the only place to look for help, it does offer a lot – if you know where to look for it. The March Free Money Newsletter highlights the “lucky seven” government websites that can help you whether you need help getting by, want to start a new business or grow your current one, wonder where all Obama's Recovery money (over $800 billion!) and more, and more!


Housing! We know from reader feedback that this is high on people's minds. Fortunately there is lots of good news to share and we feature it in the February 2015 Free Money News. A new program that requires just 3% down payments; no Loan to Value Limit on who's eligible for HARP (the Home Affordability Refinancing Program); $15,000 down payment assistance offered by a partnership of non-profits and private business, and more!


Happy New Year! We start your year off right in our January 2015 Free Money News. Discover great news about help for Home Repair, getting free money for your education to be ready for an improving job market, great opportunities for starting a new business, and help to get you into your own home.

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